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We offer comprehensive services to tribal governments to build and install your broadband satellite, fiber and wireless network. While each village varies in size and geography, our solution of LEO 2.5GHz fixed wireless is scalable, affordable, and uniquely yours. 

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Project Consulting

Each project is unique to your community. Our trusted experts will manage the project from beginning to end, from planning to buildout to operations. One place to trust and collaborate on your village project.

tribal sovereighnty

Your broadband network belongs to you — and so should your business revenue. We can provide Tier I or Tier II services until you are ready to become fully operational as your own ISP.

Architecture & Construction

From site assessment, to broadband design, to operations — we provide access to experienced construction crews and access to professional engineers. 

broadband Internet

Whether its’ carried by fiber, delivered through a wireless connection or beamed from a satellite, we are your key to high-speed internet connectivity. Our pre-engineered broadband solution is future-ready for the next generation digital infrastructure.  

“We chose Akiak Technology to design and build our broadband solution using LEO 2.5Ghz spectrum due to their experience and expertise. They can provide us a scalable solution that is future-ready  as we continue to adopt broadband in our community. “

Michael P. Williams, Sr., Chief, Akiak IRA Tribal Council, Akiak Alaska

What is our YKD Tribal Community Broadband Solution?

We have pre-engineered a technology package that is affordable and reusable for any tribal community in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. We  call this package our Tribal Community Broadband Solution. 

  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite
  • Utilizes your FCC 2.5Ghz spectrum license, or other spectrum wavelength
  • Fixed wireless for every home, school, business facility, tribal office, medical clinic, community center, or other facility 
  • Managed services for: operations and maintenance, subscriber services (customer accounts), network services and training support
  • Future ready for mobile wireless and fiber optics – no need to replace technology components!

YKD Tribal Community Broadband Solution  

Low-Earth Orbit (LEO)

YKD Tribal Community Broadband Solution

Fixed Wireless Component

YKD Tribal Community Broadband Solution

Tribal Business Framework

Scaling Your Broadband Technology for Performance and Success


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